The Processes we use.

Rug Back Dusting

With the rug upside down we use a machine to beat the dust out.

A whole dustpan of dust beaten from this rug.

Full Emersion Wash

The rugs are placed into our wash pool and flooded with clean fresh water.

We gently massage the water through the rugs with a super soft brush.

Sometimes, like with this rug, we don’t need to use any cleaning solutions due to the amount of residue left behind by previous cleaners. This is all rinsed out of course.

Centrifugal Rinsing and water extraction.

The saturated rug is rolled and loaded into the centrifuge.

Water is injected into the centrifuge to fully rinse the rug. This is the dirty water which is forced out. once the water runs clear it is switched off and the centrifuge forces most of the remaining water from the rug.

The rug inside the centrifuge after spinning.

Hung To Dry

To finish the drying process, the rugs are hung to dry in our heated, humidity regulated and internet controlled drying room. Whilst in here the pile is groomed and the rugs inspected.

Wrapped For Return

Wrapped in our breathable, waterproof wrapping the rugs are ready for delivery or collection.