Sculpted Chinese Rug

DSC_0111I’m not normally a great lover of Chinese rugs but the sculpting and carving used on this one to produce a 3D scene amazed me. We collected this Chinese rug from Holsworthy along with two other rugs to be cleaned, dried, wrapped and returned.


tuff-enuff-logo1Looking forward to taking part in Tuff Enuff at worlds end next weekend at St Buryan, Penzance! Gonna be hard, muddy and brilliant fun.

Soapy Bokhara

DSC_0021 (1)We cleaned this lovely green Pakistani Bokhara today that we collected from Cardinham, Bodmin. The soap suds you can see in the pool with the rug are a result of whatever was used by the previous cleaners, we have not added any kind of cleaning solution to this. We flushed all the dirt and this residue out of the rug before spinning it in our rug centrifuge and then hung it to dry in our drying room.

The Parts of Your Rugs

Rug LayoutThe picture shows the different parts or areas found on rugs and what they are called. Cornwall Rug Cleaning

Family of Rugs

DSC_0296Family of rugs that came to us for a thorough clean in our wash pool. Rug cleaning Cornwall

Rinse and Spin

This is a rug inside of our centrifuge after spinning and almost dry.

This is a rug inside of our centrifuge after spinning and almost dry.

A rug having a rinse & spin in our centrifuge which was specially imported from Turkey. Rug cleaning Cornwall

A Pretty Trio From Wadebridge

DSC_1396Two’s company, three’s a crowd. Not with this pretty trio from Wadebridge that we cleaned and now hanging in our custom built internet controlled drying room. Rug cleaning Cornwall

Wrapped for return

DSC_1410Clean & wrapped rugs delivered back to Probus and beautiful Rock, Wadebridge. rug cleaning cornwall

Taking the Urine

DSC_0953Urine soaked rug From Ponsanooth, treated with a saturation clean,having all the urine flushed out then rinsed, hung to dry and ozone to disinfect.