In 2004 local Cornish couple Goron and Sarah made their aspirations of running a quality family business a reality with the conception of Carpet Knights.

Having never run a business before the start up proved to be an awkward one. From the offset it was decided that Carpet Knights would offer the best service and quality possible so large investments were made into machinery and cleaning products and also into numerous training courses around the country. So, Carpet Knights had the ability to clean carpets, upholstery and rugs very well but didn’t have much in the way of them to clean. Without any previous knowledge of running a business or any sort of mentoring Carpet Knights had to work hard to gain customers. After perhaps a year or two of work with our marketing we began to fine tune things.

So here we are today with over 2500 satisfied clients and a thriving Cornish company and a huge amount of repeat business. Sarah and I have continued to build on the quality and success of Carpet Knights. We have attended numerous courses and examinations over the years to build on our knowledge including one of the most in depth rug cleaning courses available which was instructed by Aaron Groseclose and Ellen Amirkhan from the USA.

This is why we believe that Carpet Knights should be your first stop for the cleaning of your treasured rugs.

We hope you enjoy our site and find all you need to know. We look forward to caring for your rugs.

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